New Home Buyers

New Home BuyersBelow are the top 10 reasons to customize the comfort system on your new home:

1.  Trade-in Savings: You get full trade-in value for the standard system, which means you pay less than you would if you purchased your comfort system later.

2.  Positive Cash Flow: You can roll the cost into your mortgage at about 5-7% over 30 years – compare that to 17% over 5 years if you decide to upgrade later. And with a high-efficiency system, your monthly savings often exceeds the increase in your mortgage payment.

3.  Easier & Less Expensive: It is much easier to customize your system when building rather than later because a retrofit may require costly ductwork and wiring changes. Plus you benefit from ideal, personalized comfort from the day you move in.

4.  Resale Value: In a research study funded by the EPA, it was determined that home resale value increases $20 for every $1 reduction in average annual utility bill.

5.  Quiet Comfort: Several of our heating and cooling systems are the quietest on the market. In fact, many of our deluxe systems have about the same sound level as a standard refrigerator.

6.  Air Quality: You can enjoy cleaner, fresher air with fewer airborne allergens and less dust.

7.  Adaptability: You can have comfort that fits your schedule and lifestyle, so each room is at its ideal temperature to maximize comfort and energy savings.

8.  Comfortable Humidity Levels: You can increase your indoor comfort, reduce energy costs and improve air quality by maintaining indoor humidity at optimum levels.

9.  R-410A: This ozone-friendly refrigerant can help minimize future maintenance and service costs.

10.  Comfort: Nothing affects how much you enjoy your time at home more than your comfort system – if you’re not comfortable, you’re not happy.