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Orange You Glad You Have Brennan

Us: "Knock-Knock." 
You: "Who's there?"
Us: "Orange."
You: "Orange who?"
Us: "Orange you glad you have Brennan?"

This is a free contest! We will be picking one lucky winner this Friday.

This week's giveaway includes: A basket full of all things orange! A pack of BarkThins® snacking chocolate, LifeSavers® candy, orange-flavored Gatorade®, Reese's Pieces®, a pack of to-go Kleenex®, orange-flavored Tic-Tacs®, orange-flavored Trident® gum, Goldfish®, Burt's Bees® mango chapstick, a $100 Amazon® gift card, and ANGRY FISH provided a jar of their amazing peach-mango habanero jam!

**In order to qualify to win, you must live in WA State.**


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